The War Goes On…

The War Goes On
Artwork by Doug Braithwaite & Jimmy Palmiotti from The Punisher #71 (Oct. 1992)

Marine. Assassin. Vigilante. Psychopath. Don. Angel Of Death. Frankencastle. Thunderbolt. Hydra. War Machine. Cosmic Ghost Rider. And yet, the war goes on…

The premiere long-running blog detailing the activities and assassinations of the Marvel Universe’s most notorious mass murderer is back with a new suit of armor and a revitalized killer mindset. Coinciding with the Matthew Rosenberg-led revitalization of The Punisher later this August 22nd, Punisher Central is undergoing an all new visual, organizational and mission-oriented overhaul: total retaliation.

Utilizing the dedicated fanbase of both Punisher Central and its sister-page Punisher HQ, we are going to aim for complete coverage of The Punisher brand in comics, film, television and merchandising, in addition to unique content creation through creativity as well as collaboration with individuals actively involved in the forefront and background of Frank Castle’s adventures.

We hope to use this momentum to not only spread attention and awareness to The Punisher brand, but to push forward our fanbase as a loyal, dedicated and diverse political consumer force that not only wants to just keep Frank Castle on our screens and shelves, but wants to keep him there as often as possible.

At one point, The Punisher held three solo titles, an original ongoing as well as two premium titles at higher price points. At this junction in time, Frank Castle has had four live action adaptations, a record held and barely surpassed by a select handful of characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe today. And emblazoned throughout popular culture, the military and law enforcement, the unmistakable message and visage of the skull. In a world of planet-consuming aliens, regenerating mutants and genocidal space tyrants, that’s no small achievement for one mortal man with nothing but his rage, perseverance and his experience with the United States Marine Corps.

With comic sales continually dwindling, saturation of media and network & corporate rights changing hands every other day, it’s imperative that The Punisher fanbase band together in both social and monetary support of the character. Realities of maximum popularity and corporate mechanisms aside, Frank said it best…

Artwork by Guiu Vilanova and Lee Loughridge from Punisher #228 (July 2018)

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