Comic History: Did Dan G. Chichester predict The Punisher’s role in Secret Empire 26 years ago?

One of the great perks of being a member of a restrictive group of hardcore Punisher fans is that you can sometimes learn a lot of things you wouldn’t otherwise know about the character, his appearances and other Marvel trivia.

A fellow member of this Punisher group, Michael Whalen, recently unearthed and shared with us the following panel, as featured in the “Call Of Duty” storyline in May 1991’s Captain America Annual #10 (written by Dan G. Chichester with artwork by Mike Manley). It’s a panel of particular relevance to Frank’s role in Secret Empire (which you can click on the arrow below to reveal)!

[SPOILERS] Secret Empire Recap:
The Punisher sided with “evil” Steve Rogers and joined Hydra because Steve promised that he could bring back Frank’s family with the use of the Cosmic Cube.


The issue featured the third part of “The Von Strucker Gambit”, a storyline told through a multitude of annuals and followed Captain America and Nick Fury Sr. on the trail of various Hydra assassins connected to Baron Von Strucker. Baron Von Strucker utilized the assassins as analysis agents to further his hidden agenda of constructing Hydra databases on the threat levels of various heroes. When overlooking the database file on The Punisher, Baron Von Strucker takes note of the volatility of Frank’s path and how he could possibly “cross the line” enough to become a Hydra asset one day. The Punisher’s connection to Secret Empire herein could be a total coincidence or perhaps insight into what Dan Chichester really thinks of The Punisher. Either way, it’s always good to know these little bits of Marvel trivia.

Cover Art for Captain America Annual #10 (1991) by Mike Mignola


A huge thanks to Michael Whalen for sharing this piece of Marvel history. And if you want to join our group on Facebook, click here.

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