Review: The Punisher #2 (2018) by Matthew Rosenberg

Artwork by Szymon Kudranski and Colors by Antonio Fabela in The Punisher #3 (2018)

After a month of waiting, we finally got our Punisher fix. Matthew Rosenberg continues to deliver a respectable portrayal of our favorite anti-hero. As a long time Punisher fan, I couldn’t expect a better start. So, grab a copy now or just sit back and enjoy our review.

Following the debut issue, The Punisher continues to deal with being the most wanted man in America. By now, you should know the reason. If not, check the spoilers below.


Frank put a bullet in the head of Mandarin, who was speaking at the UN on behalf of the criminal nation of Bagalia. For more details, check out issue #1.


Back to Issue #2, things in New York city are hot for FrankWith the NYPD and several heroes on his tail, they are trying to make him turn himself in. You can count on some guest appearances and fights with three of the most well-known street-level heroes. And as always, the blood trail of Hydra operatives that The Punisher is leaving behind.

Matthew Rosenberg is doing a stellar job with The Punisher, continuing in the same way as his “War Machine arc. The writing is solid and Rosenberg seems to know exactly where he is going in making The Punisher climb up the ladder of criminal activities in the Marvel Universe. It’s a really bold move and I’m loving the fact that The Punisher is actually leaving a “dent” in the big fishes. However, I’m afraid he will eventually fail when he stumbles into a fish he can’t deal with by himself. But, I trust in Rosenberg’s direction and respect for the character.

The Punisher 002 (2018)2 (Oroboros-DCP)

The artwork of Szymon Kudranski in this book is very solid. I liked the character designs, atmosphere and action scenes presented by Kudranski very much, but I’m still getting used to his new look for Frank Castle. I’m not going to forget about Antonio Fabela’s colors, who helped activate a lot in the action scenes and create very interesting dynamics in every panel. Kudranski and Fabela continue to be a great team for this book.

Last but not least, Greg Smallwood created a simplistic (and awesome) cover with an uncanny resemblance to Dolph Lundgren (my favorite Punisher actor on film!). I want to thank him for making this happen.

The Punisher 002 (2018)1 (Oroboros-DCP)


Overall Rating: 9 / 10

The Punisher #3 will be reviewed by Eric Nguyen and as soon as possible, I will review Old Man Logan Annual #1.


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