Review: The Punisher #3 (2018) by Matthew Rosenberg

First of all sorry for the lack of updates, it’s been almost two weeks without my laptop and only now I had the time to review this fantastic issue.

The main focus of this issue is the relationship between the Punisher and Daredevil while they fight for their lives in a very confined space full of ninjas and other threats, Hydra is throwing at Frank.
Matthew Rosenberg knew how to explore the differences between the characters (Killing vs no-killing rule). It’s a thing that isn’t original between these characters but, it’s nothing wrong when you know how to use it.
Another thiThe Punisher 003 (2018) (Digital) (Zone-Empire)ng that Rosenberg is doing it flawlessly is that this is a “Punisher story”.
I will explain: He is using the same formula that was used before by other writers. But no one said this was a bad thing, far from it, Rosenberg knows how to take the best advantage of that and give his own tweaks and it works. It’s part of the success of this series.

The action scenes are amazing but credits needed to be given to both Rosenberg and Kudranski. The action panels are very well articulated makes the reader hooked to the panels.
The Punisher doesn’t pull any punches, he has no mercy and all who deserve, die.

The artwork of Szymon Kudranski is great. Great dynamic between panels with some epic scenes overall between the characters. Antonio Fabela is part of this great success of Kudranski’s art. Fabela’s colors just gave an extra quality to the already amazing art of Kudranski’s.

Greg Smallwood just make another fantastic cover and very accurate about what will happen in most of the comic. Smallwood’s Punisher has some resemblances with Dolph Lundgren, which is a cool node to all the fans of Punisher 1989 we have out there. To me it’s pure fan service to my favorite Punisher film

Rosenberg left for the last page some surprise for all Punisher fans in general, the return of an old school Punisher character.

The Punisher 003 (2018)1 (Digital) (Zone-Empire)

Overall rate: 8.5 / 10





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