Review: Marvel Knights #1 (2018) by Donny Cates

The new Marvel Knights run marks the 20th anniversary of this fantastic team book that mostly consists with street level heroes.
The original concept was Daredevil creating a team to put down the Punisher. You can always buy the recently released Marvel Knights trade paperback written by Chuck Dixon with the artwork by Eduardo Barreto. It’s an amazing series and the TPB compiles all that saga from issue 1 to 15.

Before reviewing this issue I want to remember that the Marvel Knights imprint isn’t set in the current Marvel Universe 616 (Canon).

The premise of this series is really good, but you will find yourself with more questions than answers. It’s a very mysterious plot that Donny Cates started this number #1.

Marvel Knights - 20th 001 (2019) (Digital) (Zone-Empire)2
Cover art by Geoff Shaw & Rain Beredo

In this issue we learn that most of the characters are suffering from amnesia and only in the end of this issue we will learn who is behind this scheme. Overall there isn’t too much that happens in this issue, we see Daredevil looking for answers and we see Frank Castle with the task to get in touch with a list of characters to “waking them up”. Donny Cates plot was enjoyable and he portrayed the characters very well.


The artwork of Foreman was good but his art was highly supported by the pencils of Fridolfs and the colors of Matt Milla. I really like the tone of this issue and the good dynamic between the very few action scenes.


Conclusion: For all the fans of the original Marvel Knights series, I recommend this issue. This is a very mysterious story but very compelling. Cates did a great job portraying the characters and setting up the pace.
In two weeks there is issue #2 with a different writer and very known by Punisher fans, Matthew Rosenberg and in the art Niko Henrichon.

Overall Rate: 7.5 / 10






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