Speculation: The Punisher might be an important player in “War of the Realms”

In the last issue of Avengers #10 we saw Wolverine showing Loki a vision of the past and future.
The curious fact is that we see the Punisher wearing a medieval armor and a sword.

Until now there was no clues about what was going to happen in the future. Lucky for us, Marvel announced the next event coming up next year called “War of the Realms”.


“War of the Realms” is based in the events of Aaron’s THOR run and basically Malekith and his dark forces wants to conquer the ten realms and the last line of defense are the mightiest heroes from Earth.
It’s will be a six issues run from April to June 2019.

What this has to do with the Punisher? Everything or nothing.
In the Wolverine vision we see the Punisher and many other characters at war, the Punisher fully geared up (Medieval style).
And in “War of Realms” promo we see the Punisher siding with Avengers and other major Marvel characters which leads me to believe and speculating that the Punisher will have a significant role in the next big Marvel event.


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