A new Punisher teaser (not a trailer) and Billy Russo “controversy”.

Weeks ago, there were rumors that pointed that yesterday would be the day the Punisher trailer would be released. But in my view it’s more like a promo and not a trailer but it’s fine. It’s really good that whoever guessed it or really knew, could calm down the fan base by the apparent lack of marketing by Netflix regarding the Punisher season 2.


And so finally we got the release date, and despite other sites already advanced, we finally got the official confirmation that the series will premiere on January 18th!

It’s intevlcsnap-2019-01-03-22h18m40s607resting the path they choose for Billy Russo, he is really damaged not only his face, but especially his mind and this promo show it. And the series will focus on his mind instead of his physical scars. which both are related.

Some might say that he is not Jigsaw because he doesn’t have enough scars. And they are right. He’s not Jigsaw, he isn’t mentioned anywhere that he is. He is Billy Russo, who was treated in a hospital and not in a clandestine clinic and stitched by a rookie “doctor”. Another thing that some people aren’t aware is that this is an adaptation of the Punisher comics, not actually a show based IN the comics. Another thing is that giving this twist to the character ( not making him “Jigsaw”) they will have more liberty to do what they want with him. And let’s face it, not even Jon Bernthal’s portrayal is actually accurate to the character in comics, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t good delivering it and giving his own take to the portrayal of the character.
Personally, I think this version, at least the one from season 1 is the best version of  Billy Russo (“Jigsaw”) than the one from the comics or any medium ( Yeah, Punisher: War Zone, included).

I have a fan theory, I think the mask he uses in the trailer and in the photos below serve as some sort of “leash” to make him in control and when he takes out he seems like a different and uncontrollable person, this kind of treatment (using the mask) probably was developed by Krista Dumond ( Floriana Lima) who is the psychotherapist who follows him.
Another interesting thing is that the mask resembles to what “Jigsaw” would be like if he had the face with the patterns that the mask has.

Posted by The Punisher HQ on Friday, August 5, 2016


The coming days might bring us new stuff, so stay tuned!




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