Rumor: Billy Russo might assume “Jigsaw” identity later in the show

There has been a lot of discussion about Billy Russo’s scars not being faithful to the comic books. Everyone knows that in the comic books that Billy Russo is “Jigsaw”. He assumed that identity when Frank Castle shredded his face into a glass pane.
In the series and after some interviews they don’t seem to want to follow that direction after what Ben Barnes said to the Collider.

They didn’t necessarily want it to be a horror show, it’s more internal. We don’t refer to the character, in the series, as Jigsaw. But he very much has a jigsaw puzzle in his brain. It’s not necessarily about his face, it’s about the psychological, which is how they try and approach everything.

But personally I believe it will happen later in the season, until he embraces “Jigsaw” identity and will get his face even more messed up.

And now it comes the good part, some evidences that Netflix might have left for us in the “Announcement” promo!


After the promo ends and appears the Punisher logo, in the minute 00:46 if you go frame by frame you will see letters forming the word “SAW” like in the picture below.

Don’t want to believe that this was a coincidence, I believe that they are pranking us or this is really a hint that we will eventually see Billy Russo assuming his identity as Jigsaw later on the series.

Only way to find out, waiting for Jan 18th.



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