Review: The Punisher #6 (2018) by Matthew Rosenberg

The first arc is done. And ended with the perfect set up for the coming issue /arc. Life isn’t good for Frank in this moment, more and more he is in a deep hole and more difficult to get out but certainly he will find a way.

Matthew Rosenberg keeps doing a fantastic job with this title, it’s been a non-stop number of quality issues that I really don’t remember how many writers could do it in a single arc… Maybe classic writers such as Ennis, Dixon, Potts, Grant and Baron.

This issue has really slow down a little bit, because this is the issue that Frank gets beaten up. Rosenberg is really making the life of Frank Castle miserable (in a good way) he is a writer who likes to raise the stakes and he is doing it like he did in the previous run when Frank had the War Machine armor, I thought it would be difficult to top that story but he already did in a few issues.

the punisher 006 (2019) (digital) (zone-empire)1


There are many lessons to take here, Zemo fails at being a ruler, Bagalia is a worst state than Frank Castle himself and all thanks to him. When Bagalia seem to rise and shine in the first issue, now it’s a failed estate.
Frank is being tortured by Zemo and being framed by Jigsaw to decay his image to the public make Frank seem like a villain.
In prison, life isn’t easier for him when he has to deal with Hydra personal guards every day, but he continues to “punish” when it’s necessary and send them to their graves. Prison stories with the Punisher are one of the most entertaining for readers, isn’t an exception.

Cover art by Greg Smallwood

Szymon Kudranski art was highly tested in this comic book, not for amazing explosions and action scenes, but for physical changes he had to do to the character and he worked great. You will be surprised to see significant changes in Frank’s appearance.
Aside from that, both Kudranski and Fabela did an amazing job doing the artwork and established the right tone. I really liked the colors on this one.

Can’t say much about the amazing cover art (as usual) high quality cover by Greg Smallwood with Frank Castle in chains and beaten. Well, you know it’s Frank Castle and he doesn’t need a skull.


Final Thoughts: There isn’t much to say, this run is one of the best made for the character ( counting with Punisher: War Machine) with 17 issues already by Rosenberg, he looks very strong in the writing of every issue. The Punisher isn’t a tough character to write, you don’t need to make up things, you just need to follow the main roots of Frank Castle and what the original writers build up. The art is great and the same can be said for the covers.


Overall Rate: 9.0  / 10



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