Review: The Punisher #7 (2018) by Matthew Rosenberg

Matthew Rosenberg doesn’t seem to give us any rest in terms of the twists and turns in this issue. There’s a major one establishing a bridge to the 30 year old “Jigsaw Puzzle” arc written by Mike Baron. This issue is probably the most philosophical from the current run. Sure, we get all kinds of fighting scenes with Frank getting rid of Hydra guards or getting himself beaten up, but everything for a reason…to have Frank and the readers question his actions over the years. Sister Mercedes’s role is evolving in every issue. She is becoming increasingly relevant in trying to convince Frank that his ways doesn’t work. The Punisher’s stay in Bagalia has turned out to be a living hell. So far, Rosenberg is nailing it. Rosenberg seems to be the only writer in the past 20 years who really cares about The Punisher’s history. And we fans appreciate that. Thank you.

Artwork by Szymon Kudranski and Colors by Antonio Fabela

Szymon Kudranski once again gives us great artwork. His backgrounds are simple and the action scenes are really good. I don’t know who decides the fighting choreography, but it’s really good. All the characters present in this comic have well structured faces and are diverse. Antonio Fabela’s colors continue to make this book shine and gives life to all the panels and characters. Between Kudranski and Fabela lies a fantastic team. Once again, there’s a great cover by Greg Smallwood. It’s not exactly what happens in the book, but it doesn’t lose any “coolness” because of that fact.

Cover by Greg Smallwood

Overall Verdict: Rosenberg continues to deliver solid writing with this issue dwelling into the consequences of The Punisher’s actions in the prison and beyond. I don’t know what will happen to Sister Mercedes. Honestly, I don’t see the character lasting a long time, but Rosenberg is building her up and making her grow on us. Let’s see where she will end up and what path The Punisher will finally choose.

RATING: 8/10


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