Review: The Punisher #8 (2018) by Matthew Rosenberg

Another good Punisher comic with barely his presence, but he is the mastermind of a very credible “Prison Break“.

Rosenberg presented us with a very smart and probably the most credible way to escape prison from the entire Punisher history of the last 45 years.
The Punisher has been in prison many times, especially in almost every run for the past decade he gets himself imprisoned. But this time, Rosenberg is trying something different, an attempt to escape prison without Frank being directly related in the actions but being the man behind all this, a smart move by Rosenberg considering that Frank is the most controlled prisoner in the Hydra prison.


It was a delight reading this comic, but it lacked a bit of action and of course Frank Castle, despite that his dialogue is practically in every panel telling the reader what is going to happen and how.

Szymon Kudranski artwork continues to be very solid in this issue. And I’m really digging Frank Castle with the head shaved (due to injuries). The backgrounds are very detailed and very realistic.
Antonio Fabela’s coloring does really shine in every issue, it merges very well with Kudranski’s art and it’s been a real pleasure to watch those panels.


Another great cover by Greg Smallwood, very dynamic despite that Frank looks continues to be outdated. I know why, it’s basically to avoid spoilers that comes from solicitations a few months before the issue is released.

Final thoughts: The fire continues to burn intensely. Rosenberg doesn’t give the reader a dull moment, despite that it’s time to move out of this “prison” panorama. Rosenberg played with this issue very well without Frank’s physical appearance. The art continues to be very solid and good things come next issue.


Overall Rate: 8 / 10



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