Review: The Punisher #10 (2018) by Matthew Rosenberg


The Punisher 010 (2019) (Oroboros-DCP)1
Artwork by Szymon Kudranski and Colors by Antonio Fabela

Rosenberg continues his thrilling ride with another action-packed Punisher issue with a fast paced story and a huge body count. In terms of storyline, nothing changed since last issue. Frank Castle continues to put down HYDRA forces BAD while looking for Zemo to settle the score. We are presented with fantastic action panels and great action scenes where Frank goes against bikers! Yeah, literally straight from the 80’s action movies! Great stuff! Another cool thing to add is that The Punisher is tearing Bagalia apart. Everything is going the way he planned and Zemo is in a tough situation trying to put Bagalia back on its own feet. One of the promises of this issue was a fight with Jigsaw, but we barely have one. Although brief, Jigsaw makes his stand reminding Frank that he is one of his greatest enemies and he’s not to be ignored.

This run is becoming epic and memorable as one of the greatest Punisher runs, especially if we count Rosenberg’s War Machine Legacy event as the prequel to this ongoing series. Rosenberg knows Frank Castle and knows how to please fans and this run has been pure fan service in my opinion.
In terms of storyline, it hasn’t improve much since last issue but, you can easily forget that, if you get into the fantastic artwork from Szymon Kudranski’s and the colors of Antonio Fabela’s. The artwork continues to be very solid with Szymon doing an amazing job in every panel, especially in the last pages of this comic. The biker action scenes were a real treat. Antonio Fabela should not be forgotten. His collaboration in the colors made the comic artwork even better.

Cover Artwork by Greg Smallwood

The cover was great and is once again by the usual cover artist Greg Smallwood. It heavily features Jigsaw and while he is active enough in this issue, it’s far from consideration as a clash with Frank.
I love to see Frank with the classic suit and without the white gloves and boots.

Overall Verdict: This great creative team is doing fantastic work with my favorite character. Rosenberg, as the mastermind, knows how to get it right and please the fans and the artwork team executes it flawlessly on paper. From the solicits, it looks like this war between Frank and Zemo will extend at least for two more issues.

Overall Rate: 8/10

In two weeks, War of the Realms: Punisher #1 will begin! Stay tuned for my review!



1 thought on “Review: The Punisher #10 (2018) by Matthew Rosenberg”

  1. This run has been great. The war machine run still does and always will suck. I’m just waiting to see the finale to this. The last few issues took an interesting turn. Can’t wait to see how this all ends. And if he’ll ever kill zeno then hopefully real criminals again.


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