Review: War of the Realms: Punisher #1 (2019) by Gerry Duggan

War of the Realms. Earth being invaded by all kinds of monsters from the Nine Realms. But what is the Punisher role in all this story? Gerry Duggan will answer to that in the best way possible.

This three part series is a tie-in for War of the Realms, the current big event from Marvel comics where the Punisher is very active in some books.
But what the Punisher do when all hell went loose? What is his role?
Gerry Duggan answered it,  Frank will stand by the people. The innocent people. Those who are being slaughtered by these otherworldly beings.

Gerry Duggan wrote a fantastic first issue where all the motivations and intentions of the protagonist were revealed. The path from here on its uncertain but his mission is clear. Save all the people he can where the “big guys” are occupied by the bigger monsters. It’s not usual to see the Punisher being the hero but this is one of those stories.

This issue is divided in two parts. The first part is more action packed where we see the Punisher fighting monsters from Malekith forces using his regular weapons and many more in the surroundings in a very effective and spectacular way. The second part is focused on the premise of this issue telling us the dangers and the consequences of this invasion and why the Punisher is important in this mission specifically. Another thing that makes me scratch my head a bit is the recruitment of certain people to help Frank clean up the streets, I strongly believe that it’s because they are expendable and if someone gets hurt or worse it’s not a big loss.

Marcelo Ferreira artwork was very good. The dynamic between panels are really good. The inks by Poggi and colors by Rosenberg are simply amazing and fits very well with the tone of the comic. This creative team shows us a colorful take but very detailed in the execution. I was very impressed by artwork presented in this comic.


The cover by Juan Ferreyra was really good. Epic in every way and adequate for this event. Juan Ferreyra is the next interior artist of the coming miniseries Punisher: Kill Krew, which is the aftermath of War of the Realms and I was very excited to see what he can do after seeing this cover.

Cover by Juan Ferreyra Credit: Marvel Comics

Final Thoughts: I was very impressed by this comic, it’s very tough to make Punisher comics when he is out of his element, but Gerry Duggan makes it work like a charm and really captured what I imagine that Frank would do in a situation like this. Very amazed by this fantastic creative team that work in this miniseries.

Overall Rate: 9 / 10




1 thought on “Review: War of the Realms: Punisher #1 (2019) by Gerry Duggan”

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Though I will say that I wish Marvel would do another series with both Punisher and Wolverine teaming up. Seeing there interaction, though short, in the WoR issue 1 and 2 made me so damn happy


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