War of the Realms: The Punisher #3 (2019) by Gerry Duggan

WoR3 Cover

Innocent citizens are getting massacred due to the many monsters of the War of the Realms. Enter Frank Castle: a man with a skull, a mission to save the small, everyday citizens of New York from the insanity of it all and the will to use everything at his disposal to complete said mission.

Throughout these three issues, Gerry Duggan wrote a very simple, but exciting story and wrote the kind of Punisher that fans want: a Frank Castle that is cold, methodical and remorseless in all efforts to get the mission done. While Frank was “out of his element” in this supernatural event, Gerry Duggan wrote The Punisher true to character. Filled with the usual bleak Punisher themes and approach, I barely noticed that Frank was fighting gigantic trolls and beings from other realms. One of the things that worked in my opinion was this miniseries’s three part storyline. All too often writers forget that short stories work for The Punisher.

Returning to a short arc, War of the Realms: The Punisher presents a classic Punisher story with surprising bits of “heroism” and a grim ending that we fans have come to expect all too well. In short, it was fantastic. While this arc is over, the story will continue next month in War of The Realms: Omega and The Punisher: Kill Krew, showing us the aftermath of this epic event and offering us rationale for The Punisher’s continuing cosmic path of punishment.

War of the Realms - Punisher 003 (2019)4 (Digital) (Zone-Empire)
Zero tolerance for otherwordly trespassers.

The artwork by Marcelo Ferreira was really good and fit this series perfectly. I liked his style. The action scenes were really good with great dynamics between panels. One of the things I loved most from Ferreira’s work was the number of memorable panels. They stick in your mind and the image below will show exactly what I’m talking about.

Rachelle Rosenberg’s coloring was an important feature of this comic too. Combined with Ferreira’s artwork, it perfectly lent depth and tone to the series. I can’t end this review without mentioning the fantastic covers from Juan Ferreyra. Like Gerry Duggan and Marcelo Ferreira, he was an all-too important part of the success of this series. His covers made this series an instant buy. And lucky for all of us, Ferreyra will return to provide the interior artwork for Gerry Duggan’s five issue sequel to this series, The Punisher: Kill Krew.

Overall Verdict:  Like the rest of Frank’s portrayal in the War of the Realms, this series was an amazing surprise. I never imagined that Duggan would portray The Punisher in such a fantastic way. He clearly surpassed my expectations. The artwork team was on par with Duggan’s amazing Punisher portrayal and matched it in every way. It’s sad to see Marcelo Ferreira go, but we are in good hands with cover artist Juan Ferreyra moving to interior work for the sequel for this series. The mission is set, next stop…War of the Realms: Omega (out July 10th) and The Punisher: Kill Krew (beginning on July 31st).

War of The Realms: Omega. One-Shot.
Punisher: Kill Krew! Limited 5-issue miniseries!

RATING: 9/10

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