News: Garth Ennis announces two Punisher miniseries

Great news from The Lakes International Comic Art Festival in Kendal, UK! During an interview therein, legendary Punisher writer Garth Ennis announced the titles and artists for Soviet and Get Fury, two upcoming Punisher miniseries initially teased in progress in Ennis’s closing letter to fans at the end of January 2018’s The Punisher MAX: The Platoon #6, as seen below.

Unofficially due for release in November, Soviet will feature Jacen Burrows (Crossed) on art and by process of elimination will be the modern day Punisher series teased. Given Garth’s history with both the Knights and MAX world, it remains to be seen which imprint the title will fall under.

Artwork by Jacen Burrows in 2012’s Crossed: Badlands Issue #3

Due for release sometime next year, Get Fury will feature the beautiful art of long time Ennis and Punisher collaborator Goran Parlov (The Punisher MAX, The Punisher MAX: The Platoon, Barracuda MAX and Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher). While the specific storyline has yet to be revealed, Get Fury will be released under the MAX imprint. Most likely, the story will be revolving around Frank Castle’s second tour in Vietnam bridging the time gap between The Punisher MAX: The Platoon and The Punisher MAX: Born and will tie into Fury MAX.

Artwork by Goran Parlov in 2013’s Fury MAX #9

Stay tuned for more updates!




5 thoughts on “News: Garth Ennis announces two Punisher miniseries”

    1. Wish we knew. The artist, Goran Parlov, recently had a stroke and is still not 100%.

      Additionally, The Punisher appears to be on freeze given the current political conditions. There is supposed to be an active miniseries in the 616 universe right now with Frank versus the Barracuda of that world. That miniseries was supposed to involve Barracuda teaming up with KKK guys.

      As of today, no issues have been released and there has been no news regarding a potential release date.

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      1. Damn. I hate Politics and Political Correctness. I just want some serious Garth Ennis Punisher/Nick Fury action. Getting to this late. Sorry. Have a Good Thanksgiving.


  1. Thanks for the update. I hope the Get Fury story line is released by end of the year. I’m a great fan of the Punisher run done for Marvel Max by Ennis. Also the run on Nick Fury. I’m not big on the “super hero” genre but bringing the Punisher to the real world (as well as Nick Fury) was fantastic. The realistic story line is much preferable. Hopefully it will return. As to the Political Realities of today….don’t get me started. Enough already. Cheers!!


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