News: Garth Ennis finds Frank Castle a new ally in upcoming miniseries Punisher: Soviet

Earlier today, Marvel officially released descriptions and art for Garth Ennis’s upcoming Punisher: Soviet miniseries. Due for release in November, the six issue storyline will feature veteran Punisher writer Garth Ennis returning to the world of Frank Castle during his time AS THE PUNISHER for the first time since 2009’s Punisher War Zone miniseries longtime Garth Ennis collaborator Jacen Burrows (Crossed303). According to a tweet by artist Jacen Burrows, Punisher: Soviet will be set in the MAX universe. 

Despite closing the chapter on The Punisher’s vigilante career with that miniseries, Ennis has expanded the lore of Frank Castle in the interim years by featuring him in a three issue Vietnam-era black ops crossover during Fury MAX: My War Has Gone By #7-9 and exploring his first Vietnam deployment and kill during last year’s The Punisher MAX: The Platoon. During an interview with The Lakes International Comic Art Festival yesterday, Ennis further confirmed a second Punisher miniseries due for release in 2020 entitled Get Fury,  bridging the time between Frank Castle’s first Vietnam deployment in The Punisher MAX: The Platoon and his final tour during The Punisher MAX: Born.

Cover Art by Goran Parlov
Cover Art by Goran Parlov












According to Marvel, Punisher: Soviet will feature Frank “in a position to team up with someone who might understand his motivations”. Marvel teases that “Frank Castle faces the wrath of the Russian mob when twelve of them end up dead at his feet — but he wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger. Who is the one beating Frank to the bad guys?” We’re just as excited as you to know the answer. Check out two covers for the first issue below along with a short art preview below…

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