Review: Punisher: Kill Krew #4 by Gerry Duggan

Before making this review, I want to apologize to all the fans for the wait. As you all may know, I’ve been a little busy with organizing The Punisher Day (2019.10.30). Hopefully, next year will bring even more engagement and community support for Frank.

Punisher Kill Krew 004 (2019) (Digital) (Zone-Empire)1

Without further ado, let’s jump back into the penultimate issue of this great run by Gerry Duggan and Juan Ferreyra. The story continues with The Punisher and his “krew” continuing their cosmic revenge mission through space and eliminating all the invading entities responsible for the losses incurred during the War of the Realms. The main driving point and highlight of this issue is the final addition to the Kill Krew, The Black Knight, whose blade is necessary for the conflict to come.


Gerry Duggan and Juan Ferreyra look like they are having a great time working on this miniseries. This issue features the two playing around with references to pop culture with homage to The Shining and Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. Some Punisher readers might think this is strange in a Punisher comic but Frank’s had a good bit of variety in his existing years. The only minor problem is perhaps that fun getting in the way of historical depiction of Frank’s character. The Shining reference and some of Frank’s violence throughout this miniseries takes a step into fanaticism and emotion that is out of step with Frank’s usual stoic and emotionless nature.

Punisher Kill Krew 004 (2019) (Digital) (Zone-Empire)

Outside of that minor critique, you can count on a huge body count in every issue and Frank Castle being absolutely creative in his handling of his foes. Two key tenets of success to any Punisher story. This base enjoyability is elevated by sharp, inventive plotting and fantastic setup. The chemistry between the characters is fantastic and this unlikely team is working like a charm amongst each other. The story is mostly fast paced, there are no dull moments and thanks to the artwork of Juan Ferreyra, all the action scenes are fantastic and “full” of POWER.

Juan Ferreyra’s artwork continues to exude high quality. It’s been awhile since I saw this sort of artwork consistency and instant appeal in a Punisher miniseries and it’s all thanks to Ferreyra who is handling the art completely solo on pencil, ink and coloring. His depiction of The Punisher is absolutely “barbaric”. With Frank’s ease and brutality in using swords and maces to stomp these evil monsters, you almost forget that he’s a gunfighter first and foremost. It’s been a great detour making the best of The Punisher in a unique and rare circumstance.

Overall Verdict: Duggan and Ferreyra continue to deliver a great story that is massively enjoyable hitting all the key Punisher benchmarks of bodycount, brutality, inventive plotting and grand adventure. Outside of this fun possibly drawing more emotion out of Frank than what is historically accurate, it’s been a hell of a ride.

NEXT UP: The final chapter arrives on Nov. 20th!

RATING: 8.5/10


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