Review: Marvel Knights 20th #02 by Donny Cates & Matthew Rosenberg

In this second story Frank Castle and Bruce Banner continues the pursuit other names and try to find out what really happened to their memories.

This story is original and it’s great that we have a very rich cast of players in this book but as a reader I didn’t think we had a great improvement in the storyline. I was expecting to see more about the people behind this scheme and a bit less from heroes looking for answers without getting any clue. But this wasn’t a bad thing just a different shift from the pace that we had from last issue.

There are also good things to say about this comic book. It’s mystery to see how Karen Page who was supposed to be dead and she is interacting with Murdock and later on with other players… another mystery throw at us.

We got a little peek about how Banner reached Frank Castle to get him onboard for this mission to get other heroes to sort this huge mystery out. The readers can count with a great appearance of Frank Castle in this comic book once again and he is with Daredevil the major players of this series.
Also in this book we will see a good showdown (another one) between Frank against other character. 

Marvel Knights - 20th 002 (2019) (Digital) (Zone-Empire)1
Marvel Knights 20th #2 Cover by Geoff Shaw & Rain Beredo


About the art it was decent. In my opinion it’s not as good as last issue but Niko Henrichon did really created good fighting scenes. My major complaint about his artwork was the design of some characters, over all it was just decent. The tone of the comic itself was good, not too dark and too bright. Just a very balanced colors. In this matter everything fine.

The cover from Geoff Shaw and Rain Beredo was good. It’s dynamic and appealing, especially when you see two of the most ruthless street level characters ( Punisher & Elektra) fighting each other. The colors are just fantastic.



Final Notes: So far I’m liking this new story of Marvel Knights 20th anniversary, I just think that too many mysteries and none of them solve it can harm the title. Either way I have confidence about what Donny Cates can do for this book and we will know more details about everything going on about this general amnesia soon.

Overall Rate: 7 / 10


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