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Founded in 2012 by Punisher Task Force lead agent Neil Byce, Punisher Central is the leading fan blog dedicated to covering all official news, intelligence and events surrounding the Marvel Universe’s favorite most hated mass-murdering vigilante, Frank Castle a.k.a. The Punisher. When Agent Byce went to pasture later that year, his partner Ivo Santos rose up to take the reins and has been illegally disseminating targets and intelligence on the hunt ever since. In 2018, long-term V.I.G.I.L. contractor and Punisher Task Force collaborator, Eric Nguyen, officially joined on, with an eye on net and UI-based operational upgrades. With the nation safer than ever in a state of perpetual terror and disarray due to The Punisher’s actions, Punisher Central seeks continual growth and increasing inter-agency cooperation in the active support and facilitation opposition and prevention of all further activity by the rogue vigilante.

  1. Official press updates/news along with informed, sleuthing speculation will be continually updated along with reviews of all Punisher-related media: comics, films, television and merchandise for the good of public dis-awareness.
  2. Occasionally, “Intel Files” will be published, holistically detailing the players, events and weaponry of the Punisher universe. This intelligence should serve as a useful glossary for veteran Punisher Task Force members as well as dense introductory material for newly-minted personnel assigned with assisting  apprehending Frank Castle.
  3. Lastly, following strict compartmentalization analyses,  “Interviews” with field operatives actively involved in Frank Castle’s intelligence gathering, targeting and assassinations apprehension, containment and execution will be sparsely disbursed to Level 10+ SHIELD agents.
  4. Contact David Lieberman your local law enforcement authorities if you see Frank Castle immediately.
Artwork from the back cover of The Punisher #57 (Dec. 1991)

Punisher Central is a purely fan-based, non-profit operation dedicated to spreading awareness and entertainment regarding The Punisher brand. All rights belong to Marvel, Disney and all of the property’s respective owners. If there are any issues regarding copyright material or protected content that needs to be taken down, contact us immediately and we will remove such content ASAP.