War of the Realms: The Punisher #3 (2019) by Gerry Duggan

Innocent citizens are getting massacred due to the many monsters of the War of the Realms. Enter Frank Castle: a man with a skull, a mission to save the small, everyday citizens of New York from the insanity of it all and the will to use everything at his disposal to complete said mission. Throughout… Continue reading War of the Realms: The Punisher #3 (2019) by Gerry Duggan

Punisher Central Presents…ROSENBINGO!

  For all of the tribulations and fears that Matthew Rosenberg's Secret Empire-focused run has brought Punisher fans, he's matched it nearly equally with an action-packed, unpredictable and legacy honoring run featuring moments such as Frank Castle utilizing the War Machine armor to take down an entire regime, an epic Frank-led prison break obliterating the… Continue reading Punisher Central Presents…ROSENBINGO!

Review: The Punisher #12 (2019) by Matthew Rosenberg

Continuing immediately after his organized jailbreak from and destruction of Bagalia, the story begins with Frank crash-landed in cartel tropical island territory and about to be executed by drug overdose. Thanks to prior writer Mike Baron (see issues #29 and #30 of War Journal v1 and the awesome Punisher : G Force graphic novel respectively),… Continue reading Review: The Punisher #12 (2019) by Matthew Rosenberg