Review (With Spoilers!): The Punisher Vol. 13 #2 (2022) by Jason Aaron, Jesus Saiz and Paul Azaceta

Issue #2 brings further insight into the big bad(s) of the series, the motivations of The Hand themselves and why The Punisher has chosen to ally with the villainous ninja cult in the first place. The answers are not pretty.

Review: The Punisher #15 (2019) by Matthew Rosenberg

War is on the streets! Last issue, Black Widow set up a team to help Frank consisting of Moon Knight, Night Thrasher, Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch) and surprise long-standing ally/trainee Rachel Cole AlvesĀ  (see Greg Rucka's 2011 run) in his fight against Baron Zemo and his B-list Thunderbolts. With this issue, Matthew Rosenberg unleashes all… Continue reading Review: The Punisher #15 (2019) by Matthew Rosenberg

Review: The Punisher #14 (2019) by Matthew Rosenberg

Despite a triumphant New York homecoming, things aren't looking particularly great for Frank Castle. Hydra figurehead Baron Zemo has now allied with Mayor Wilson Fisk a.k.a. Kingpin in an effort to get rid of their mutual punishment problem once and for all. Their tools? An army of 400 Hydra strong disguised as United Nations troops,… Continue reading Review: The Punisher #14 (2019) by Matthew Rosenberg

Punisher Central Presents…ROSENBINGO!

  For all of the tribulations and fears that Matthew Rosenberg's Secret Empire-focused run has brought Punisher fans, he's matched it nearly equally with an action-packed, unpredictable and legacy honoring run featuring moments such as Frank Castle utilizing the War Machine armor to take down an entire regime, an epic Frank-led prison break obliterating the… Continue reading Punisher Central Presents…ROSENBINGO!