Review: The Punisher #8 (2018) by Matthew Rosenberg

Another good Punisher comic with barely his presence, but he is the mastermind of a very credible "Prison Break". Rosenberg presented us with a very smart and probably the most credible way to escape prison from the entire Punisher history of the last 45 years. The Punisher has been in prison many times, especially in… Continue reading Review: The Punisher #8 (2018) by Matthew Rosenberg


Rumor: Billy Russo might assume “Jigsaw” identity later in the show

There has been a lot of discussion about Billy Russo's scars not being faithful to the comic books. Everyone knows that in the comic books that Billy Russo is "Jigsaw". He assumed that identity when Frank Castle shredded his face into a glass pane. In the series and after some interviews they don't seem to… Continue reading Rumor: Billy Russo might assume “Jigsaw” identity later in the show

News: The second teaser is out and finally the release date is confirmed!

There is no better way to start the new year without Punisher news! And we all know how Punisher fans need it. The second teaser which can be said that it's the first one "officially" launched is finally out. I can breakdown this teaser by saying that Frank is on the road "trying" to… Continue reading News: The second teaser is out and finally the release date is confirmed!

Review: The Punisher #4 (2018) By Matthew Rosenberg

Matthew Rosenberg continues to give us a great roller coaster ride at the helm of this Punisher title. Last issue we saw the appearance of Jigsaw in a Punisher book after eight years since his last appearance in The Punisher: "In the Blood" miniseries by Rick Remender. It was a brief appearance but really satisfying.… Continue reading Review: The Punisher #4 (2018) By Matthew Rosenberg

Review: Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 & 2 by Donny Cates

To put it extremely mildly, the past year and a half has been eventful for The Punisher. Frank CastleĀ got entangled in the mess that was Secret Empire batting for team Hydra, took advantage of the War Machine armor on a redemptive quest to dish out justice on Chernayan war criminals & Hydra admin and was… Continue reading Review: Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 & 2 by Donny Cates

The War Goes On…

Marine. Assassin. Vigilante. Psychopath. Don. Angel Of Death. Frankencastle. Thunderbolt. Hydra. War Machine. Cosmic Ghost Rider. And yet, the war goes on... The premiere long-running blog detailing the activities and assassinations of the Marvel Universe's most notorious mass murderer is back with a new suit of armor and a revitalized killer mindset. Coinciding with the… Continue reading The War Goes On…