Review: The Punisher #4 (2018) By Matthew Rosenberg

Matthew Rosenberg continues to give us a great roller coaster ride at the helm of this Punisher title. Last issue we saw the appearance of Jigsaw in a Punisher book after eight years since his last appearance in The Punisher: "In the Blood" miniseries by Rick Remender. It was a brief appearance but really satisfying.… Continue reading Review: The Punisher #4 (2018) By Matthew Rosenberg


Review: The Punisher (2018) #1 by Matthew Rosenberg

For nearly a decade, Garth Ennis worked to build, define and grow the world of Frank Castle largely apart and away from the superheroes of the 616 Marvel Comic Universe. It was a struggle that not even canonical accuracy could maintain (see Civil War Files #1 (2006) for the 616 Universe referencing events from the… Continue reading Review: The Punisher (2018) #1 by Matthew Rosenberg